When it comes to Assisted Living research shows that Smaller Is Better

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The harsh reality today is that, in light of Coronavirus, more people living in enclosed spaces is proving to have devastating consequences. Smaller, family-like, residential assisted living homes like Coradale Assisted Living in Highland, UT are clearly more ideal for the present condition of public health of seniors in America.  These smaller senior residences are the opposite of “Big-Box” like facilities that often mirror the look, feel and function of hospitals so common across this country.  Plus, residential assisted living is more ideal to the way seniors prefer to live. For today’s baby boomer, residential assisted living reminds them of growing up as a child.  Big families, a house, a yard, neighbors to play with, games and barbecues, especially in the summer. With that being said, small-house senior living is well-suited to handle the disruptions of the COVID-19 era.

            Research shows that “Big Box” facilities have proven to be flawed in terms of keeping residents safe from easily spreadable diseases.  “Big Box” communities have been hit harder by COVID-19 than smaller residential assisted living homes and one contributing factor is the fact that smaller, residential homes (10-15 beds) can control the spread of infectious disease much easier than a facility with 150 to 200 beds. (Brandon Schwab, CEO of Shepherd Premier)  

            Seniors are finding that small, family-like households on the scale of Coradale Assisted Living are a better option for their remaining years and here are only a few of the reasons why:

  • resident controlled care scheduling
  • greater autonomy for each resident
  • resident driven meal planning
  • resident selected activity schedule and activity choice
  • safer overall with better caregiver-to-resident ratios
  • ability to monitor staff, visitors, and outside service providers who come and go possibly bringing COVID into the home
  • less residents getting infected thus lower deaths overall 

   The intimacy developed in these smaller senior living homes gives way to earlier detection of any sort of symptom. With a lower census and the greater capacity to social distance, smaller is better. Additionally, residential assisted living homes are actual homes and not hotels or institutions trying to pretend to be homes. Residents recognize that smaller is better, and is an environment they understand.  The change this can bring to seniors’ lives is impactful and can’t be overstated.  Residential assisted living homes are primed to take America into the future as the optimal senior living opportunity. 

(portions taken from Residential Assisted Living Newsletter, 8/2020 and AARP Bulletin, pg 37, Jan/Feb 2021)

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