Small Assisted Living Homes Keep Infections OUT!!!

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We KNEW it was the case… now we have proof!!! The smaller, home based Assisted Living facilities were way out in front of the others when it came to keeping Seniors safe from infections like COVID 19 !  Read on from the Residential Assisted Living’s National Association president…..

2021 has been much more positive than 2020 for assisted living. Due to the impact of the pandemic, residential assisted living homes have generally been more safe, suffering far fewer deaths than the big-box assisted living facilities. The smaller, intimate setting seems to provide an inherent infection barrier simply due to much less traffic. Architects in the assisted living business have taken note and are even looking to find ways of duplicating the small home model inside their big facilities.

We are half-way through the year, and we see that smaller facilities are still leading the way with fewer falls, and far fewer infections. And now, most residents and caregivers have received their vaccines. Residential assisted living homes are doing it right!

These are important matters, and my experience in the assisted living community has been that the caregivers and administrators in residential assisted living are naturally positive people committed to making a happy and healthy environment for their residents.

That positivity combined, with quality care, is infectious and keeps seniors healthy and happy in residential assisted living.

With much admiration,

Brian Pinkowski

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