Is it time to start looking into Assisted Living?

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For a lot of family, it is an “incident” with their Senior that makes the family start wondering if it is time to transition their Senior into an Assisted Living community.  Such things as falls, or other physical ailments will have your Senior seeing a doctor or other healthcare professional, possibly in the hospital, where the doctor will determine if their patient needs to go into Rehab or a Skilled Nursing Facility.  BUT… it is the Senior that is at home, either living alone or with family, simply going about their day, where the decision becomes harder to make.  According to Consumer Affairs there are 17 basic signs that may indicate that your Senior would fare better in a community where there is 24/7 care.

Review your Seniors living and see if they are experiencing trouble with any on the list below.  If so, now may be the best time to consider an Assisted Living community not only for your Senior’s safety but also your sanity.  Losing sleep over the welfare of your Senior is taxing on all parties….

Is your Senior experiencing any of these???

  1. Recent falls. …
  2. Chronic or worsening health problems. …
  3. Difficulty managing medications. …
  4. Problems completing activities of daily living (ADLs) …
  5. Poor eating habits. …
  6. Hygiene problems. …
  7. New or worsening mobility issues. …
  8. Decreased driving competency.
  9. Inability to manage home or yard upkeep
  10. Pets seem neglected
  11. Your loved one gets lost or disoriented outside of the home
  12. Changes in mood or aggressive behavior
  13. They seem unhappy
  14. They’ve begun to isolate themselves
  15. They don’t have access to a supportive community or regular visits from loved ones
  16. Friends or neighbors have expressed concerns
  17. Their current caregiver is suffering from burnout

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